Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9:30am - 6pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun - Closed.


Typhoon and/or Rainstorms warning: Our classes continue as usual for Typhoon Signal No. 3 and/or Red Rainstorm Warnings. For Typhoon Warning Signal No.8 and up and/or Black Rainstorm Warnings, classes will be cancelled.

Should the Typhoon Signal No.8 and/or Black Rainstorm Warnings be lifted before 12pm, the centre will reopen and classes will resume approximately two (2) hours after.  We will be closed for the rest of the day if these signals/warnings are lifted after 12pm. Classes affected by weather enforced cancellations will not be replaced or refunded.

In any case, if parents are unsure of the circumstances, please call or email our centre to check. Our number is 2940-6066, Whatsapp 6324 6077 or email 

For details on weather warnings, click here. For details on the Education Bureau's Weather Warning Guidelines, click here.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.