In partnership...

Brain Kinetics operates closely with other educational partners in HK.  While we focus on after-school programs for kindergarten to primary years, our partnerships leverage on the skills, experience and resources for the children's education.  Hence Brain Kinetics is proud to be associated/in partnership with the following:


Baby.Brain is the Mother company of Brain Kinetics. 

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, the mission is to create an engaging, child-focused community and provide appropriate and meaningful learning experiences for infants and toddlers of Hong Kong. 


Dr. PLAY is a pioneer organization in promoting concepts of recreation and leisure, play education and play research in Hong Kong.  It is founded and directed by play specialist Dr. Winnie Wong.

Young children experiment to learn about the world around them. Dr. Play STEM program offers physical science activities that engage children in experimentation to figure out how things work. Our research-based STEM curriculum is inspired by the Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa.




After 4 years of landscape photography on my travels across the continents, I settled down in the eCommerce segment in 2011. Then I continued my photo journey in portraits with my passion of life and human touch.

The touch of a film camera when I was 10 was as if yesterday - taking full control of the shutter and a whole roll of  film in Ocean Park brought not only me and the family tonnes of laughters (as most of the pictures could be considered foul in adults' perspective), but also set me up in the photo journey with experiments and fun! 

Life is full of fun, and so is photography!  I love exploring with new tools and new approaches. I embraces changes and challenges. And most importantly I love and respect all children as individuals! The little child living in my heart bridges me with children from different background and cultures. That's also a reason why the collaboration with Baby.Brain since 2013! 

Now being so excited about the coming photography sessions with the children, I believe that they will be inspired whilst enriching the lives of one another besides learning basic skill sets!